Pines takes the reader on a mysterious complicated journey. Dreams, archetypes, icons, friends and confessions swirl through the poems in beautiful and complex images... This wonderfully unpredictable, intuitive book navigates the conscious and subconscious worlds with fluid, imaginative, and fascinating energy—as poets should do.
— William Kelly, Multicultural Review, September 2003



To say I've come back from the dead
is to say...what?
that this morning I woke
to birds singing in palmettos
or that I dreamed my friends
were unhappy, most of the women
jumping out of windows
and I was back
on Avenue B
living on chicken hearts
and old soup in a dirty room
"Clean this place up and write
something about loneliness:
where it leads and how it
opens out."

I fell asleep
and dreamed I woke
to birds singing in palmettos.

To say I've come back from the dead
is to say it feels as if I've risen
from someone else's dream. Who
was I then?  He didn't write
a word. Are we really
the same person? All right,
we both woke up
but what happened
to him?

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“Adrift On A Blinding Light” is full of exquisite moments... that have been mined by the author like gems and presented to us with the sense of wonder they engender and preserve.
— Lee Bellavance, The Cool Review
Paul Pines’s latest book, “Adrift On Blinding Light,” offers a dazzling tour through a poet’s self-construction... although these images may not raise us up in the emotional sense, they always seem to arrive as a startling surprise, perfectly timed to shake us out of the ordinary.
— Neil Kozolowicz, Rain Taxi, Fall 2003